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Ewe Crazy Farms,

Thank you so much for my chocolate bundles of joy!  They are gorgeous and you were so kind to include the extra chicks!  

They arrived healthy and happy….just chirping away in their box!

You are very professional and have extremely good customer service!  You are a credit to the poultry community!  

I will definitely buy from you again!

Thanks so much!

Beverly Leibenguth

Cedar Creek, TX



"I joined the waiting list for Legbar eggs this past summer, and it was one of the best experiences I've had with purchasing eggs online. The whole time I was kept up to date on my eggs and was well informed about the process. Very professional and informative breeder and a terrific experience!!"

Michelle Adkins – Elba, AL

“Great experience with Ewe Crazy Farms!!!! I had trouble finding Cream Legbar Pullets but Bryce came to the rescue and hatched out some beauties for me!!! The 3 little darlings are gorgeous!!! One has a massive mohawk crest! She looks like a punk rocker!! The other 2 are crested also and it is very obvious and they are only about 3 weeks old...cannot wait to see as they get older. But even more than how pretty they are....they have the sweetest temperament...they have been very gentle and calm since arrival and enjoy human contact. That works for me because they are more than just chickens to me, they are also pets.”

Linda Boyette – Tifton, GA

“I purchased Cream Legbar hatching eggs from Bryce on two occasions. They were nice sized, beautiful blue eggs which hatched into lovely chicks. The transaction was smooth, shipping was fast and my hatch rate was excellent. I would definitely buy again if I weren't overrun with Cream Legbars myself now. Thanks Bryce!”

Mary O’Brien – Auburn, CA

2015 Poultry Lineup

2015 will be a busy year for us at Ewe Crazy Farms although we have downsized
somewhat to focus all of our attention on our remaining colors.  With the
release of several new English Orpington colors as well as the much anticipated
Svart Hona in 2013-2014, we are extremely excited about our lineup for 2015. In
the past year we’ve had the opportunity to hatch and select only the best
birds to remain in our breeding program for
the 2015 breeding season.  Our flocks are comprised of genetically diverse birds
from several lines, of which we only use the very best for breeding. We are
proud to also offer bloodlines of birds exclusive to our breeding program and
unrelated to other lines found in the US.  We hope that you enjoy these
beautiful birds as much as we do!



Chocolate Cuckoo Orpingtons

 Chocolate Orpingtons


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Silver Laced Orpingtons

Mottled/Spangled Orpingtons

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More Information

Isabel Cuckoo Orpingtons

Svart Hona

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More Information


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